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“The law surrounding when you can use force [and] when you can’t, proper uses of force, are all things that we train on throughout the year, every year,” Zgonc said. Paul and Zgnoc were questioned by host Clarissa Sparks of Sandy Springs-based brand strategy company Sparks & Co. in the discussion, which was organized by Leadership Sandy Springs. In the wake of Floyd’s death, several protests were held in Sandy Springs. Paul attended one of them, praising the protesters for their activism . At another protest, an organizer told the Reporter that her family had bias issues with SSPD several years ago , as well as in the neighboring cities of Dunwoody and Roswell. To Sparks’ question on how misconduct is handled within SSPD, Zgonc said every formal complaint will be investigated and get a look at this website direct response. If sustained misconduct occurs, sometimes training can fix the problem. Other disciplinary actions would be considered.


They will look at the number and type of aircraft they require in order to meet their training solution.” The Canadian government will issue a call for bids from defense firms next year for a multibillion-dollar contract to provide pilot and aircrew training for Royal Canadian Air Force personnel. (Royal Canadian Air Force) However, officials are leaving no room for flexibility in the training’s outcome. “What we are being prescriptive about is the standard that a graduate has to achieve,” Saunders said. The service has cooperated with the qualified bidders, consulting with them on components of what will be in the FAcT bid package — essentially the request for proposals. Saunders said he hopes to release the RFP by mid-2021. Apart from providing training and maintenance, the winning bidder must revitalize the aging training infrastructure, he added. The Air Force expects the construction of a new training center for air combat systems officers and airborne electronic sensor operators, as the current facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is quite old. Other new infrastructure, such as hangars, will also likely be built. Officials are requiring the winning supplier to invest in Canada equal to the value of the contract, but the government is also focused on a winning bid that emphasizes domestic firms playing a major role in training, simulation and in-service support. The government also has an ongoing competition for the acquisition of a new fighter jet to replace the Air Force’s fleet of CF-18 aircraft.